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    We can arrange finance on any of our vehicles, subject to terms and conditions. This normally comprises of an optional deposit or part-exchange value and all payments are then made on a monthly basis with re-payments ranging from 1 to 4 years. If you opt for a final payment, then this can be paid in full or re-financed for a further 3 years directly with the finance provider. If you already own a vehicle which is on finance, we can arrange to value the vehicle and settle the existing finance and then move to a new finance agreement with one single payment on your new vehicle. Falles Finance Calculator to help you to work out your own re-payments on any of our vehicles up to 6 years old. If you experience any problems using this calculator, please get in touch with us for assistance by either email or telephone.


    It is now policy as with all Hire Purchase Finance, that two forms of identification are required. We would need a copy of your driver’s licence or passport and a current utility bill, and in some instances an employer’s reference may also be required. This will normally depend on the length of time you have lived in Jersey or if you have recently moved address or job. If you have any queries or concerns regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to explain it in more detail with you. Our current rate of finance is set at a flat rate of 6.5% which is fixed for the term of the agreement.


    Car Value:  This is the price of the vehicle you wish to purchase.
    Deposit:  This is how much money you wish to pay against the price of the vehicle. This could also be the part exchange value of your vehicle.
    Payment Term:  This is the period you wish to pay for your car? i.e. 1 / 2 / 3 or 4 years.
    Final Payment: This is also known as a balloon or deferred payment. The final payment must not be more than the cars value after the payment term. The final payment must be paid or the car must be returned to us and is subject to terms and conditions.

    To calculate what your repayments would be, press the Calculate button, and every time you change any of the finance value fields or payment term, click calculate again to update the repayment values.With the included payment calculator visitors and customers can easily estimate monthly car payments. Note: This is only an estimate, and does not include insurance, taxes, transfers or any other additional costs.

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